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NOT ALL MOLD IS DANGEROUS! Don't Let Other Companies Scare You and Your Family!
Absolutely Spotless, Inc. has been serving the homeowners of Elmer NJ Since 1995!

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Mold Removal Elmer NJ 08318

Absolutely Spotless, Inc. has offered certified Elmer New Jersey mold removal, testing, remediation, inspection, for more than two decades. We are proud of our ability to provide our expertise to you since the need for Elmer NJ mold removal remediation services has grown tremendously over the last ten years. People are more aware of the ill effects that mycotoxins exposure has on them. What makes us different from other so called Elmer NJ removal, remediation, inspection, testing, companies, is that we would never try to blow the situation out of proportion just to get you to sign a contract with us. We simply offer you the accurate, honest assessments of your remediation issues and then allow you as much time as you require to make a rational decision.

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Mold Removal Elmer New Jersey

Mold Remediation Elmer New Jersey 
Mold Testing Elmer New Jersey Mold Inspection Elmer New Jersey

Mold Inspection, Mold Testing
Elmer NJ 08318

The work protocol that will be chosen for your Elmer NJ mold removal, remediation, will be based on the porosity of each surface that requires remediation. Removal and remediation of many materials such as sheetrock, drop ceiling tiles; carpeting and insulation will be necessary due to their water holding properties. Other materials such as wood, brick, plaster cinderblock, concrete, and plywood can all withstand remediation. It is importantly that we correctly identify the materials in your home that have microbial growth. This is accomplished through an Elmer NJ mold inspection and testing of your residence. Each variety of substrate must be dealt with correctly, whether it requires removal or remediation. At Absolutely Spotless, you will never have to be concerned whether or not your Elmer NJ removal remediation was completed right!

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Mold Inspection Elmer NJ 08318, Mold Testing Elmer NJ 08318

Mold Remediation NJ 08318

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Mold Remediation, Mold Removal
Elmer NJ 08318

There is much work that needs to be done prior to proclaiming your Elmer NJ mold inspection testing removal remediation project has been successfully completed. First we must find and fix the source of your contamination. Whether it is damaged flashing around a chimney or window, or a broken sump pump, or a simple plumbing leak, these items need to be fixed first. Then the safe removal of any unsalvageable items is carefully performed. Then we will thoroughly HEPA vacuum all surfaces and remaining salvageable contents with a general detergent. Then we spray a special antimicrobial fungicide that is designed to kill the contamination at its roots. After this we encapsulate the previously contaminated building materials with an EPA registered encapsulant that further prevents re-growth. Then after all work procedures are complete, we will perform another Elmer NJ mold inspection and testing to verify all air-borne issues have been completely eliminated from your home. At absolutely Spotless we care about you and your family’s health and will perform your Elmer NJ mold removal remediation inspection testing service the right way every time!

Mold Removal Elmer NJ 08318, Mold Remediation Elmer NJ 08318,
Mold Inspection Elmer NJ 08318, Mold Testing Elmer NJ 08318

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Mold Removal, Remediation, Inspection, Testing,
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